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The Cheviot Trust - Authorised by the Pensions Regulator

Established in 1930, the Cheviot Trust delivers innovative pension schemes and services.

An authorised Master Trust, Cheviot’s distinctive defined contribution arrangement focuses on member outcomes at retirement by providing investment options with stability and inflation plus targets and a range of retirement strategies to meet members’ needs within the same trust.

The high-quality governance arrangements also manage final salary schemes which benefit from the same leading-edge investment approach and shared services whilst retaining scheme specific funding arrangements and close employer engagement and collaboration. CARE schemes can also be managed within the same structure.

Costs are managed on a not for profit basis, with any excess funds re-invested to improve employer and member services or to reduce future charges.

The Trustee, Cheviot Trustees Limited, is led by Sir Derek Morris, a leading economist and previously chairman of the UK's Competition Commission. The Board has significant expertise in pensions and investment issues and includes employer and member representatives. It has a clear ethos and commitment to provide high quality pension schemes and services which meet the needs of their stakeholders.

open to employers from all sectors

Final salary schemes

Many employers have switched to a defined contribution or money purchase arrangement for current employees but have final salary obligations in relation to past service. Managing a final salary scheme requires considerable management time and this can become disproportionate when the scheme only relates to past service, and often mostly to former employees.

It is easier than you think to access a complete governance service for your final salary scheme.


Defined Contributions

Meeting your auto enrolment requirements

Cheviot’s aim is to help employers provide excellent pensions for their staff and meet the requirements as easily as possible. We have been providing pensions since 1930 so have lots of experience and are ready to help with all the elements required for workplace pensions and auto enrolment.


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