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your workplace pension

Introducing your workplace pension

Your employer has selected the Cheviot pension as its workplace pension. Cheviot is very pleased to welcome you as a member. The Cheviot trust is a not for profit organisation and is managed by a Board of Trustees. The Trustees come from different firms and backgrounds and are there to look after your interests.

They represent both employers and members to make sure that your Cheviot pension is well run, your money is thoughtfully invested and investment performance is regularly reviewed and monitored.

Your contributions

Your employer will deduct contributions from your salary each month and pay them to Cheviot together with their contributions, if any.

Your employer will tell you how much the contributions are but remember you get tax relief on these so it doesn’t cost as much as you think and you can always contribute more.

Providing regular information

When you join, you will receive an online account log in by email. Here you can view and amend your personal details and view your fund value, contributions and investments. You will receive a benefit statement each year.

Your benefit statement will show you how much your fund might be worth and the pension you may receive when you retire.

Investing your money

Cheviot invest the contributions for you. Cheviot has an innovative approach to investment. We listen to members and understand that you want investment options which are:

  • Easy to understand
  • Constantly monitored
  • Flexible

You will be automatically invested in Cheviot’s Lifeplan which uses your age to select the appropriate option for you. You can select one of our three long term options Cautious, Moderate and Growth. Or we have some short/medium term options available. It is very easy to switch between the investment options, visit your online account or click here for more information.

Most importantly, you want a reasonable income when you retire. We help with that by giving you investment options that are designed to provide good stable returns over the long term at a reasonable cost.

Changing your details or options

You can amend your personal details switch/change your investment options or increase your contributions using your online account.

Leaving your employer

If contributions cease within 30 days, you can request a refund of the value of your contributions (less tax).

If you leave your employer, your new employer may already be with Cheviot or choose to join. If they have a different workplace pension, you can leave your pension invested with Cheviot and we will look after it until you retire. Or you can transfer it to another pension arrangement at any time.


Currently, you can retire any time from age 55 whether or not you have stopped work. You can tell us when you are planning to retire and we will gradually move your money to the Retirement Planning and Cash options during the three years leading up to your target retirement date. Remember to tell us if your plans change!

Greater flexibility was introduced in April 2015 with regards to your options at retirement. Click here for more details regarding how you can now access your retirement savings.

If you die before you retire, your fund will be paid as a lump sum, usually free of inheritance tax. Remember to complete an expression of wishes form either using your online account or by clicking here to let us know who you would prefer this sum to be paid to.

Check list for members

  • Check Cheviot has your details correct on your online account

  • Check that the estimated fund value is going to be enough for you to live on in retirement.

  • Make sure you are in the right investment option for you

  • Let us know if your retirement plans change

  • Complete an expression of wishes form just in case the worst happens

If you have any questions just give us a call - we will be happy to answer any questions

Opting out

Everyone needs to think about pensions - most of us will be living on a pension for at least 20 years. But this may not be the right time for you to start saving. You can opt out and receive a full refund of the contribution you have paid (less tax) providing the opt out notice is received by your HR/Payroll team within the timescales set out in the notification letter from your employer.

Details of how to opt out will be provided in our introductory email.

Whether you stay in the Cheviot Lifeplan or select an option yourself, you can be sure that the Trustees will review the options regularly and monitor their performance so you don’t have to.

Help for Employers

Your time is valuable and we want you to spend it on your business.

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