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Auto Enrolment Services

Cheviot can help you implement auto enrolment for your employees.

We are a trust based not for profit organisation committed to meeting the six principles for workplace pensions set out by the Pensions Regulator and the code of conduct published by the National Association of Pension Funds.

We understand that employers want to focus on their core business. Cheviot helps you do this by providing the following services.

  • We will guide you through the workplace pension process, ensuring you meet your increased employer duties.
  • Once you have assessed your workforce, we can contact your employees with the relevant information or provide you with template letters if you prefer.
  • Payment of contributions is easy via direct debit/credit. We will check the payments we receive are correct with the information you supply us for each of your members. All types of contribution structures are catered for to ensure you have complete flexibility.
  • We will contact your new members upon joining the scheme with details of the valuable benefit being provided for them and begin the engagement process to ensure they are planning for their retirement.
  • Cheviot deals direct with members. The UK based administration team will provide your members with support and information when requested, usually within five working days.
  • Annual benefit statements showing projected fund values and estimated pensions in today’s terms are sent direct to your members.
  • High level governance of the arrangement by trustees representing both employers and members.
  • A simple investment approach, reviewed by specialists, and reviewed monthly by the trustees.
  • Some services may incur additional fees. We will inform you of these at the time.

Engagement with members is a key criteria of choosing a workplace pension as set out by the Pensions Regulator. Cheviot focuses on providing clear and accessible communications to members and employers. We have won industry awards for our communications.

  • Our communications are simple to understand and written in plain English.
  • Members can access their details on line and our website provides all the information needed plus regular news updates.
  • Online tools are available, such as a pensions calculator to assist your members with their retirement planning and workplace pension calculator to help you understand the costs of auto enrolment.
  • We can provide onsite presentations to you or your members and/or one to one meetings (depending on numbers, these may be conducted by phone).

Cheviot understands that investment decisions are difficult for most members. So the Trustees make decisions about investment strategy which make the options simple and easy for everyone to understand. The options are regularly reviewed to make sure they continue to meet members’ needs.

We offer options for members to invest in over the long, medium and short term. Other providers may have a much larger range but, because of the way we manage them, we think this is enough to provide an option which is right for most members and makes the decision simple. We set long term targets against inflation. Funds which are targeted against market movements may appear to do well against those targets but will not necessarily deliver fair outcomes for members.

All the options invest in a wide range of assets, including UK and overseas company shares, company and government bonds, property and cash. The allocation between asset classes is managed dynamically via an investment platform. This allows Cheviot to adjust the allocation quickly in light of changes in investment conditions. The asset allocation is considered by the Trustees at least once a month on the advice of its investment consultants.

For more information regarding our approach, performance and options, click here.

We provide the following services in conjunction with Price Bailey LLP an Independent Financial Adviser authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. An additional fee may be incurred for these services.

Transfer service
Advice regarding transferring other benefits into the Cheviot pension.

Annuity service
Advice regarding the purchase of an annuity at retirement

Why choose Cheviot?

By choosing Cheviot, you can be reassured that:

  • you will receive support to ensure you meet your auto enrolment responsibilities.
  • you comply with the Pensions Regulator’s six principles for selecting a workplace pension.
  • the service will comply with the code of conduct for workplace pensions.
  • your governance responsibilities will be managed for you.

Your members will benefit from:

  • a well governed workplace pension managed by trustees on a not for profit basis.
  • dynamically managed investment options designed to deliver returns against inflation objectives.
  • personal administration services to meet their needs.
  • further pension services available in conjunction with Price Bailey LLP.

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