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Cheviot's Total
Management Service

Do you have a legacy final salary pension scheme? Watch our video to see how Cheviot can help you.

Final Salary Schemes

Many employers have switched to a defined contribution or money purchase arrangement for current employees but have final salary obligations in relation to past service. Managing a final salary scheme requires considerable management time and this can become disproportionate when the scheme only relates to past service, and often mostly to former employees.

It is easier than you think to access a complete governance service for your final salary scheme.

Cheviot's Structure

Cheviot is a not for profit master trust which looks after a number of final salary schemes. Each has its own rules and is funded separately but benefit from Cheviot’s governance arrangements and access to leading edge investment strategies not otherwise available to smaller schemes.

Our Complete Governance Service

Shortlisted for an industry award for governance, Cheviot’s approach is focused on delivering excellent governance which benefits both employers and members. The key features of the total management service include:

  • Trustee services from Cheviot Trustees Limited, a board made up of member and employer representatives who demand the best possible service from the organisation. You can be sure that your interests will be taken into account at all times and you may also be able to have a representative on the board (subject to availability).
  • Excellent governance of all the issues relating to the scheme.
  • Leading edge dynamic investment solutions supported by our award winning advisers, P-Solve. Includes liability hedging which during the recent challenging years has significantly reduced the impact of falling interest rates on funding levels.
  • Reduced and often fixed cost actuarial, legal and covenant services from leading providers.
  • Professional pensions management service providing support in relation to any specific issues, such as early retirements.
  • Effective personal administration services which deal with members direct including by phone, email and post. Member surgeries on site can also be arranged if required.
  • Financial administration, which includes preparation and external audit of annual accounts.
  • Quarterly management information including asset allocation and investment performance, costs, membership data and funding updates.

Excellent governance of all the issues relating to the scheme.

for more information on Cheviot's total management service:
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