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The Cheviot philosophy is to provide pension services to employers which meet their needs.

If you want to know more about what auto enrolment will mean for you as an employer – please click here

Whether you have an existing or legacy final salary scheme which is taking up a lot of management time or want to find some help to meet your auto enrolment obligations, Cheviot can help.

Cheviot has specialised in providing pensions to the legal sector so understands the issues around LLP conversion and fairness between different groups of equity partners. Its trustee board includes six representatives of employers who come from a range of firms from small to large. As a consequence of its experience in the legal sector, Cheviot is ideally placed to support any professional service organisation or any other employer which would like to use its services.

If you have an existing or legacy final salary scheme and want to understand how Cheviot can help, please click here.

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