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Cheviot's Approach

We understand that investments and investment choices are really difficult for many members. So we provide a small range of options which are easy to understand. If you want the Trustee to take investment decisions for you, click here for more details of the Cheviot Lifeplan.

Why investment is important

By investing your pension contributions, Cheviot aims to help your fund grow. Whether you plan to use your fund to buy a secure income, take it as cash or invest it and take a flexible income, you want your fund to be as large as possible. The growth on your fund is therefore really important.

Cheviot’s approach

Our options aim to provide growth above inflation. This helps your fund grow in real terms. Other providers may target market returns which reflect movements in the stock market which may keep up with inflation some years but may fall behind in others.

We also aim to provide more stable investment growth. No one likes to see the value of their funds going down so we try to avoid the major falls in the values of stocks and shares. We expect to meet our long term targets for growth by providing stable investment performance.

Constantly monitored

All our investment options are reviewed regularly so you can be sure that someone is looking after your fund for you.

The investment choice are simple but the underlying strategy is complex. Cheviot's long and medium term options are invested in a wide range of assets including UK and overseas company shares, company and government bonds and cash. The mix of investments is reviewed at least monthly and more often if necessary. We can change investments quickly if necessary.

To see details of the Cheviot Lifeplan click here

To see details of the investment options available click here

The information on this page does not represent financial advice and the Trustee strongly recommends that members take independent financial advice in connection with decisions relating to their pension fund.

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