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The charges for each option from 1 April 2015 are shown below. The charges include:


Trustees looking after your interests

Investment Strategy

Regular reviews so you don’t have to


Record keeping, including collecting and investing contributions promptly and accurately, providing support when you leave your employer or retire


Telephone support
Annual Benefit statements and Report to Member

Investment Option Charge
Growth 0.75% of your fund each year
Moderate 0.75% of your fund each year
Low Cost 0.50% of your fund each year
Cautious 0.75% of your fund each year
Retirement Planning 0.7% of your fund each year
Cash 0.3% of your fund each year
Annuity Planning 0.6% of your fund each year

All charges are deducted from the unit prices which are calculated daily. The Trustee is undertaking a value for money review of these charges.

The information on this page does not represent financial advice and the Trustee strongly recommends that members take independent financial advice in connection with decisions relating to their pension fund.

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