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Experience and vision: the Cheviot Trust approach to pensions

Cheviot has been managing pensions for employers and members since 1930. Our approach continues to evolve to meet what people wanted then and what they need now.

Employers want to know that:

  • the arrangement is well governed
  • the investment strategy will deliver the required returns
  • the funding risks are well managed in a defined benefit scheme and that the sponsor is kept informed
  • members will receive the information and returns they need in a defined contribution scheme.
  • the administration is simple and effective

Members want a pension that:

  • is easy to understand, with communications in plain English
  • doesn’t require too many decisions
  • offers as much flexibility as possible at retirement
  • gives them access to someone to talk to if necessary

Against these requirements, Cheviot delivers:

  • Excellent governance with trustees drawn from a variety of backgrounds including a distinguished, independent Chair, Sir Derek Morris.
  • Dynamic, diversified investment strategy including risk management
  • Easy to understand investment options for defined contribution members, targeting returns above inflation
  • Flexible options at retirement including allowing members to draw down their funds under a trust structure
  • Simple administration by UK-based team members
  • Excellent communications for members and employers
  • Competitive costs, reflecting the full range of services

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